New Release 2007.7.16 PlaceEngineClient Update (2007.7.16)

New PlaceEngine Client Version

Update versions for Windows (w070615) and Windows Mobile (m070618) have been released. Please refer to the install page to download the new versions.

  • Windows Mobile version now supports LocalDB functions (m070618)
  • For both Windows and Windows Mobile versions, a new error code is returned when an access point not found in the LocalDB is scanned.

New Release 2007.6.8 PlaceEngineClient Update (2007.6.8)

New PlaceEngine Client Version

New versions of the PlaceEngine Client have been released: w070606 (For Windows), m070606 (For Windows Mobile), o070531 (For MacOS10.4). If you are using an older version please install the new versions.

  • Windows Vista is now supported.
  • Local DB function added: It's now possible to determine the latitude and longitude of your location even when you are not connected to the Internet by using the local database pre-installed on your device. Here is an example of how to use the Local DB: PlaceEngine/GoogleEarth Widget.
  • Macintosh OS10.4 is now officially supported (version o070531). It's missing the GPS and Local DB functions found in the Windows version.
  • In order to support the new Local DB function, the PlaceEngine Client now also records ESSID. Please see our updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

New Release 2006.12.27 PlaceEngineClient Update (2006.12.27)

PlaceEngine Client Update

New versions of the PlaceEngine Client have been released: w061227 (For Windows), m061227 (For Windows Mobile). If you are using an older version please install the new versions.

  • Now accept both URL that end with '/' or not, as vailid URLs associated with API keys.
  • Fixed "Null Pointer Exception" errors that arise when a string other than a registered API key is used.

New Release 2006.12.16 PlaceEngine New Features (2006.12.16)

New PlaceEngine Client Version

Get Location Permission Feature

You can configure which sites are allowed to access Wi-Fi information via your device.

Logging Feature

Now the PlaceEngine Client can log surrounding Wi-Fi signal patterns periodically and save them to a file. Log files can be uploaded to the PlaceEngine server and be converted to location information.

For the Willcom ZERO3 (Windows Mobile) there is an option to put the device into sleep mode to conserve battery lifetime Using this feature, you can carry your ZERO3 around everyday to log your movement/activity history.

GPS Logging Feature

You can attach a GPS device and log both Wi-Fi info and GPS location information at the same time (only for Windows).


We've done away with registering AP keys that were required in the previous versions of the client. Installation should be easier now.

PlaceEngine API

You can enable your web site with PlaceEngine and provide services based on current location.

PlaceEngine Log Conversion Tool

You can use this tool to convert PlaceEngine Client logs that only contain Wi-Fi information to location information. We support KML, PCX5, and other location information file formats.

PlaceEngine Access Point Registration Ranking

We show a Top 10 of users who've contributed information with PlaceEngine's Register Location feature.