PlaceEngine Technical Information

Here we present technical information needed to construct web sites that incorporate PlaceEngine (PlaceEngine enabled sites) or local applications.

For those who want information on PlaceEngine itself or need information about downloading our software, please start at the top page.

* In order to use the PlaceEngine API you must have PlaceEngine Client Software installed on your device, with versions w061216 and higher for WindowsXP, and m061216 and higher for Willcom ZERO-3. Please obtain the necessary clients from the Install page.

Application Key Page

You must obtain an application key and incorporate it in your PlaceEngine enabled site. You can download one from the above URL. Please read and accept the API Terms of Use before otaining a key.

PlaceEngine API JavaScript Library

Instructions for how to make a web site using the PlaceEngine JavaScript Library are given on this page.

PlaceEngine API Local Application Programming

Instructions on how to use our API for programming on a client device to use PlaceEngine are given on this page.

PlaceEngine API Programming Samples

Here we introduce programming samples that use the PlaceEngine API.

PlaceEngine Enabled Site GUI Guidelines

Guidelines for building a PlaceEngine enable sites are provide on this page.

PlaceEngine Tools

Tools to be used with the PlaceEngine service are provided on this page.

Technical Papers and Presentations

Documents and presentations of PlaceEngine in the research community are listed on this page.

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